Life is all about perception

“Life Is All About Perception”

I don’t know who said that, but as a set decorator working in the movie business, I believe this to be true.  It’s possible to stand in a pile of manure and be enchanted by the orchids.   Granted, I might be one of the few people who would be appreciative of my surroundings at that particular moment, but what a gift to be present enough to see the whole picture.

Welcome to my first blog.  If you have the patience to stick with me on my daily or weekly journey, I promise to commit to updating you on my crazy thoughts and experiences throughout my nutty days.    The posts may be less regular when I am working on a feature film but they will take you through a typical day of a working set decorator in all it’s colorful, ecstatic, painful, frustrating, exhausting, and rewarding machinations.  The only thing typical about my day is that no two days are ever the same.  I promise to rant and wax poetic whenever the moments overwhelm me, share new stores or new designs I have discovered, occasionally interview a person of interest, and even go off on a political tirade if the mood strikes me.   Because there are no rules, please feel free to write to me about anything but promise that you will take my opinion with a pinch of finely grained natural sea salt and toss it behind your left shoulder on your way to the bar.   Or, rub it on the outside of a glass that is generously filled with your favorite Mezcal.

MezcalWallSpeaking of Mezcal…I highly recommend that you go to “Broken Spanish” in downtown LA to try one of their tasty Mezcal based cocktails or if you are feeling brave, try a shot or two of their favorite brands.   They have hundreds of choices from Mezcal microbreweries and are happy to pour you a flight.  The décor of old cinder blocks and wood combines to create a fun, homey, comfortable vibe.  It perfectly reflects the down home and scaled up combinations of chef Ray Garcia’s Mexicalosangeles cuisine.    The Design of Barbara Rourke and Jason St. John of Bells and Whistles compliments and enhances the experience.    That is after all, what design is all about.

4 Comments on “Life is all about perception”

  1. Christine

    What a blast this is going to be to follow your creative journey as you are as detailed and whimsical with words! Can’t wait to read more…

  2. Lorrie

    You have started a grand new adventure…. Beautifully! I look forward to the moments still to be discovered and shared.

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