Wallpaper as a form of dissident Art

There are 3 exhibits of works by Chinese artist/activist Ai Weiwei in Los Angeles right now. For those of you who have not had the opportunity to see his works in person I highly recommend you get to all three spaces for a crash course in awe-inspiring dissident art by a tireless Human Rights Activist. As a Set Decorator, I … Read More

Cheap laughs

To my neighbor, they are one of many garden decorations.  To my dog Roux, they are cats.  He nearly tore my arm off trying to get to them this afternoon.  There is no convincing him they are not real.   I know it’s cruel, but I can’t help walking by there from time to time for a good laugh at my … Read More

Dr. Yue-Ying Li

Today’s inspiration comes from my acupuncturist of 20 years, Dr. Yue-Ying Li.  She is my primary physician and confidant, providing instant relief to anything that ails me.  Dr. Li navigates a busy practice with quiet authority, offering relief to all of her patients with a vast knowledge gleaned from Eastern and Western medicine.  She is a true healer, wife, mother, … Read More


It’s that time, once again, where I need to motivate myself to look for a new job.  In an effort to get my creative juices flowing, I decided to post one thing that inspires me every day for the next 30 days.  Follow along on Instagram (#notsuebee) or Facebook if that is more convenient for you. The first post is … Read More

Make A Film

“…without a doubt we sometimes eclipse our own dreams with reality.” -Patti Smith from The M Train   Last week I finished Production Design/Set Decorating a movie for the “Make A Film Foundation” that was co-written by a 16-year-old boy, Anthony Conti, with stage 4 adrenal cancer.  Answering an email from Bettina Fisher, The Director of Educational Initiatives for the … Read More

West Edge Design Fair Bicycle Auction

I was one of 25 designers asked to participate in the fundraiser for the Ronald McDonald House at the West Edge Design Fair.  Schwinn donated 25 bicycles and each designer was given one to decorate. They were auctioned off at the opening night party at the Barker Hanger.   The only difference between me and the other designers was that I … Read More

Location, Location, Location!

I have been living in Los Angeles for almost as long as I lived in New York. For the past 26 years I have toiled away as a set decorator in the film and television business. I came out here to pursue my dream and have not dallied in any other career since. After so many years of shooting on … Read More


It is daunting to wake up on a Monday morning with no workplace to report to. I have been waiting for this moment. What am I, who am I, without all the “should do’s”? I have taken care of the taxes, the unpacking, the bills, the shopping, the doctor’s appointments, the emails, the drawer and closet cleaning, the books to … Read More

Bring Back the Portrait

If you are in LA you must visit the Tear Down Gallery’s pop up show, “Who Are These People?” Emmy Award nominated Set Decorator, Don Diers has been collecting portraits from thrift stores, yard sales, and trash heaps since 1980. This impressive collection features over 300 original portraits painted from the late 1800’s to the present day that surely would … Read More

Strawberry Moon

On the summer solstice my husband and I stared in wonder at the rising Strawberry Moon. We could not help taking pictures of it as it floated up into the sky.   Astronomers tell us that this event won’t happen for at least another 70 years. I don’t like typical tourist photos but I figured we were justified in taking these … Read More